Professional Development

The Michael Hill International Violin Competition encourages talented young violinists from all over the world who are on the verge of launching themselves on the world stage and empowers them with the necessary skills to broaden their career opportunities.

Hosting a major event and inviting the world’s celebrated violinists, we are raising the awareness of fine music and the standards of musical performance that richly impacts the next layer of talent in New Zealand.

  • A customised professional development programme to meet the needs and goals of the winner. Commencing with exercises to identify the artist’s strengths and areas for development, the winner is personally guided by Andrea Duncan, a NZ leading specialist in coaching exceptional performance in the board room, olympic field, or concert hall. The bulk of the professional development is undertaken during the Winner’s Tour.

    Past winners have developed skills and confidence in public speaking, branding, stage presence, media training, maintaining and managing influential stakeholders, stress management, etc.

  • Workshops addressing a range of skills are offered to all competitors. Win or not, the value of partaking in competitions is the hard graft the musicians put into their preparation to be at their absolute peak. The intensity they encounter through the rounds is unparalleled in any other environment.

    The Michael Hill genuinely wants every violinist to leave New Zealand stronger and more insightful than when they arrived. To this end, the Competition judges provide personal feedback to the quarter-finalists not advanced to the Round III semi-finals.

    Masterclasses are provided by Competition judges to competitors not advancing to the Final Round.

  • New Zealand is fortunate to host this internationally-renowned competition on its shores. To ensure Kiwis have the opportunity to learn directly from the masters and to engage with their international peers “on the circuit”, the Michael Hill, with its partners, is proud to offer several professional development opportunities.

    Masterclasses are provided by Competition judges for NZ tertiary violinists and ensembles at major NZ universities. Select emerging artists are invited to participate.

    Varsity Violin The Michael Hill encourages live attendance at Competition rounds from New Zealand’s university violin students and works closely with tertiary institutions to create and deliver incentives making such attendance more affordable and enhancing the engagement with the Competitors who are, largely, in the same peer age group.

    Classroom Conversations Held at local colleges in the Central Otago and Auckland regions, these inspirational yet informal ‘meet the artist’ sessions and workshops with Competition violinists explore the pathways taken by international violinists.

    Rehearsal Attendance Offered in Queenstown and Auckland, students are invited to attend Competition rehearsals at no cost

  • Free to the public Masterclasses are provided by Competition judges at all NZ universities.

    The popular Insider’s Guide programme is offered free of charge to ticket holders. Not to be confused with a pre-concert talk that is typically an introduction to the work of music, Insiders’ Guide goes much deeper. It is a candid conversation, led by distinguished violin lecturers drawn from NZ’s universities, aimed to help the audience better understand what the judges are listening for, and what the Competitors are experiencing.

2017 Competition Online Voting Booth