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  • Ad libitum means “according to pleasure” and is therefore a really appropriate term for this selection in the Competition’s proceedings.

    Referring to our desire that Michael Hill competitors “bring something of themselves to their performances” and our belief that artists these days must recognise and embrace the need to be a performer, our aim is to provide each semi finalist with an opportunity to show the judges and the audience music that personally resonates with them; something in which they truly excel… that gives pleasure – to the performer and the audience.

    Perhaps it is a work from the Competitor’s heritage, or a piece they premiered, commissioned or composed. Maybe competitors’ versatility extends to a second instrument, or they are jazzers at heart. We wanted to provide an occasion for the inclusion of a work which demonstrates a particular talent or enthusiasm.

    Because the work may be unfamiliar and to provide the performers the ability to express themselves beyond their violin playing, we asked each Competitor to introduce the work from the stage. The audience and judges would want to know something about the work itself (there would not be printed programme notes), but more specifically we wanted to know why the Competitor chose it, and what is it that makes it so compelling?

    A few practicalities needed to be imposed:

    • >   The Competition provides pianists but should Competitors wish to present a work with other collaborating artists, this needs to be at the Competitor’s expense.
    • >   Similarly, the Competition provides pianos but, observing the small scale of Queenstown, cannot cater for a variety of alternative collaborative instruments so whilst the Competition will assist locating instruments within New Zealand, the delivery and preparation of any additional instruments will be at the Competitor’s expense.
    • >   All programmes must be approved by the Competition’s management
    • >   Applicants are advised that each Competitor receives a maximum of 120 minutes’ rehearsal with their assigned pianist to prepare their full Queenstown program including the ad libitum selection.

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ROUND I, Queenstown Memorial Centre, Saturday 6 June 2015
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