Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Full repertoire selection is due from semi-finalists and alternates by or before the 1st of February 2015. It will then be checked for accuracy, and will be run past Mr Dene Olding, the Artistic Adviser, for final approval. No changes can be made without permission of the Competition, and absolutely no changes will be accepted after 1 May 2015.

  • Unless you hold a passport from a New Zealand visa waiver country, you will be required to obtain a visa and this is the responsibility of each of the semi-finalists. The New Zealand government considers compensation for airfare and accommodation (and potential prize money) to be earnings, therefore, a short-term working visa is required unless by special agreement. The Competition will advise each semi-finalist if a visa is required, and if so, will assist by providing some of the necessary documentation to support your visa application. It will be necessary for you to send your passport to a New Zealand consulate or embassy to receive your visa. Depending on your residency and citizenship, this could take a few weeks, so plan accordingly. You will not be allowed on the New Zealand-bound airplane without your visa.

  • Yes you may.  In fact we adjusted our dates back by one week for this exact purpose, their dates being 4-30 May. If you enter both and are fortunate to be invited by both, you can go ahead and compete in Brussels.  Unless you are advanced all the way to the final round, you will be able to leave Brussels after the announcement of QE Competition finalists on 16 May and return to your home country / city in plenty of time to then depart for Queenstown and arrive on 01 June along with the other MHIVC semi-finalists.  Any Queen Elisabeth finalists will have to withdraw from the Michael Hill in which case we will invite (on very short notice) the first alternate on our list.

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