Sir Michael Hill and Angelo, Xiang Yu reunion

A lovely reunion yesterday with Sir Michael Hill and Angelo, Xiang Yu – followed by a stunning Four Seasons in the Auckland Town Hall. 

The Michael Hill is renowned for the genuine care and respect given to each and every competitor. Read on for a touching example of how this was experienced in 2011, when Angelo won 3rd prize.

“I can’t express how touched I am seeing you and Christine today and spending such precious time together. I almost felt like yesterday, although it indeed has been 7 years!

I may be a different musician now, playing a different instrument, living a different life, but my passion towards music has always been the same, that will never change. I have always been thinking of you, our conversation after the competition, your encouragement, and many more in the past 7 years. As excruciating as it was being in the competition back then under the circumstances. I am so grateful that I did it – not only because of my mother’s last wish, but also a chance for me to realize how important music is to me, which led me to accomplish the “miracle” comeback afterwards. That two weeks would always hold a special place in my heart, and it was indeed a turning point.

I want to say a big Thank you to you and Christine for coming and supporting me…. And by the way, I really fell in love with this country… Angelo”